from sticker gasphics
dopeness huh?!
Nigo kung fu fightin' lol
brooklyn machine works , N*E*R*D
cobra snake
let's rock 'n roll~
ghost busters x babymilo so fresh!
sponge bob x baby milo
hanshin tigers x bape
i love my stickers so much haha
hella stickers!!


Mika the Roofer said...

Wow. I used to collect those things as a kid. I still collect baseball cards.

TeddyJJ said...

they are actually so dope :X:X

hahasassy3344 said...

are they for sale? XD

Nofa said...

you are really amazing Mina .. ur work is so freaking amazing

Janet Anholt said...

omg...i really wanna hv damn least i wanna hv one...

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