this is dope!

i love this song!!!love her voice!
oh,check out remix version(feat.Lupe and B.o.B) click here

go check out this movie in theater!=)
its jus DOPE!

new kidz in da house~!! lol


they can even breakin!


hahaha...i was just

ambush x bape

cudi x bape summer 2010 mook

what a nice stuff lol

hello kitty sittin on the perspectives chair(that i made..kinda lame lol)

this is kinda creepy but i love it! lol my friend bought me this jason for my 23th bday lol

and these too! i really love it~ lol


victor kim/quest crew

check out my more stuff here

my iphone background lol

love the colorway! black/blue =)

this is naruto that i drew most recently!he is one of my favorite ninjas tho! lol
anyways,i'll be posting diary,photos,music,videos and more dope stuff here.^0^

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