check out her site out!

last night, Dok2 who is one of illest young mcs had his own concert called 'Thunderground show'
Dok2,MYK,the Quiett,Jay Park,Double K and many more artists , they brought the fuckin house down in Hongdae! it was dope! and here's some pics from last night 

yeah look what i found dumbfounded!!

gonzo in the building!! Dok2 killin’ it as usual..

the quiet in the building 

MYK in the building 

JAy park in the building lol

the Joe burger..was pretty good

hongdae street 

color of hongdae nite


every1 check out doK2's music! he's sick!
and yeah,here's some clips from last night!hope yall enjoy!!pce!

Victor Kim!hell yeah i finally met Victor from Quest crew!one of the illest dancer/artist!
check out his site

here's some clips from yesterday

victor kim

btw im editing vids of other dope dancers,i'll put em up on my youtube channel
soon pce~

yall betta follow me ya dig lol

happy halloween yall lol



stewie : damnnn ion remember my password..


cover artwork by me

check out Xv's latest mixtape "Vizzy Zone" now at

keith haring exhibition in seoul was really great! his work inspired me so much! i’d like to dedicate this to

had a nice lunch at here that day..i don't remember the name of cafe tho..
non-alcohol beer…hmmm don't try that it sux!
rice w/ tock-galbee steak aka korean locomoco…mmmmmm this is dope!

one love lol

bossam ftw! lol

water melon + soju = not bad lol

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